A Sample of Work Currently Available Online 

“Another Ode to Jello,” Those of a Certain Persuasion Believe,” and “Self-Portrait with Planet Attached,”  The Gravity of the Thing, Winter 2019.

“In the Last Days, Cardinals,” Tipton Poetry Journal #41, Spring 2019.

“On the Street of the Revenue Keepers,” THAT Literary Review, no. 4, 2019.

“In Warsaw, Near the Viaduct,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, vol. 10 no.2, Spring/Summer 2019.

“The Old Thoughts,” Plume Poetry, Issue 91, March 2019.

“Sobieszewo Island (Wyspa Sobieszewska): A Deep Map by Daniel Bourne and Wojciech Kolyszko,” Portland Review, 14 January 2019.

“In the New World,” Grey Sparrow Journal, No. 31, Winter 2018.

“Ant Farm, Ohio,” Boxcar Review, No. 40, Winter 2018.

“Garden Psalm” and “A Warm Spell in Winter,” 2River Poetry, Vol 22. No. 2, Winter 2018.

“Slough,” Whistling Shade, Vol. 18, No. 2, Fall-Winter 2018.

“Holy Writ,” “Horse Pills,” and “The Poetry Monster Speaks,” Harbinger Asylum, Summer 2018.

“Instinct,” Canary, No. 41, Summer 2018.

“Genesis” and “A Theory of Individual Palettes,” New Limestone Review, 1 May 2018.

“The Burnt House,” “Revelation,” and “The Unknown Knowns,” whimperbang, No. 17, May 2018.

“The Beginning of Winter, Lower Silesia” and “Travel Literature,” The Bitter Oleander, Vol. 24, No. 1, Spring 2018.

“Plymouth Rock Chickens Outside Plymouth, Illinois”  and “The War Home,” Tipton Poetry Journal, No. 37, Spring 2018.

“Layers” and “Noah’s Ark,” Innisfree Poetry Journal, no. 26, Spring 2018. 

“The Gleaner’s Song,” Lake Effect, Vol. 22, Spring 2018.

“Brash Ice (Sobieszewo Island, Baltic Coast),” Salmagundi, Nos. 197-198, Winter/Spring 2018.

“On the Border Between New York and Vermont,” Tar River Poetry, Vol. 57, No. 2, 2018.

“Polish 101,” The Saint Ann’s Review, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2018.

“Last Strawberries” and “Jewel of Bohemia,” Roanoke Review, 2018.

“Going Into the Woods,” Mobius, vol. 29, no. 1, 2018. 

“Still Life, Mouth of the Vistula,” The Yale Review, Vol. 106, No. 3, 2018

“At a Rest Stop Near Lake Erie,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Vol, 19, No. 1, Fall/Winter 2017-2018.

“One of My Students, Upon Completing His Reading of Walden,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, December 2017. 

“Beatitude,” “A Tropic Benediction,” and “After Supper,” Cimarron Review, No. 198, Winter 2017.

“Cuneiforms,” Juxtaprose Literary Magazine, vol. 14, 2017. 

“[from] The Seven Deadly Sins,” Plume (September 2017)

“Against Travel”  and “The Alien,”  Juxtaprose Literary Magazine, vol. 8, Summer 2016. 

“A Letter to Key West,”  Thrush Poetry Journal (July 2016)

“Field Markings,” Weirderary, issue 3, June 2016. 

“Lily of the Forest,” Plume, issue 54, January 2016.

“The Gifts,”  Plume (2015)

“Absinthe,” Beloit Poetry Journal, vol. 64, no. 4, Summer 2014, p. 7.

“Stigmatas,”  RHINO (2014). No longer available.

“The Last Bestiary,” Guernica (January 2012)

“Patron of the Arts,” Salmagundi, no. 155/156, Summer – Fall 2007, pp. 88-89

“In Which I Share a Gull’s Knowledge of Rivers,” Reading in Warsaw, Poland

“Yes, to the Mole, Emerging in Night,” Verse Daily (2004)

“Small Comforts,”  The North American Review, Youth, vol. 287, no. 6, November. – December, 2002, p. 24

“Stranger, Why Are You Here?” Prairie Schooner, vol. 76, no. 2, Summer 2002, p. 53 

“Borges, Looking at His Shelves of Books,”  Prairie Schooner, vol. 76, no. 2, Summer 2002,   pp. 55-56

“To The Carp of Poland,”  Prairie Schooner, vol. 76, no. 2, Summer 2002, p. 54

“Agitprop” and “To the Feral Cats of Vilnius,”  Salmagundi, no. 126/127, Spring-Summer 2000, pp. 92-95.

“The Non-Linear as a Function of Regret,” Prairie Schooner, vol. 69, no. 3, Fall 1995, p. 23

“All the Philosophies in the World,” Prairie Schooner, vol. 69, no. 3, Fall 1995, p. 22

“Human Interest Story,”  Prairie Schooner, vol. 69, no. 3, Fall 1995, p. 21

“The Actor of Esperanto,”  Salmagundi, no. 106/107, Spring-Summer 1995, pp. 110-111.

“After Visiting Lewiston Graveyard,” Prairie Schooner, 65th Anniversary Issue, vol. 65, no. 4, Winter 1991, pp. 48-49

“A Day in Which to Save the Orchard,” Prairie Schooner, 65th Anniversary Issue, vol.65, no. 4,  Winter 1991, p. 49

“The Poet of the Antipodes,”  Prairie Schooner, 64th Anniversary Issue, vol. 65, no. 4, Winter 1991, p. 47. 

“Where No One Spoke the Language,” “Continuing Education,” “An Illegal Photograph in American Poetry Review,” and “Hiding the Knives,”  Beloit Poetry Journal, vol. 41, no. 2, Winter 1990-1991, pp. 20-22. No longer available.

“Good Fences,” Salmagundi, no. 81, Winter 1989, p. 93

“Wigilia,” Salmagundi, no. 81., Winter 1989, pp. 95-96

“The Death of Literature,” Salmagundi, no. 81, Winter 1989, p. 94

“Bottom Fish,”  The American Poetry Review, vol. 17, no. 6, November/December 1988, p. 49